Monday, September 23, 2019

Buckholts Varsity Football Plays Round Rock Concordia in Hutto

The Buckholts varsity Badgers met the Round Rock Concordia Cardinals in Fritz Park in Hutto last Friday night.

The Birds proved to be more than a handful for the Badgers.

After stripping the ball from a Cardinal runner, Zach Hafley
ran long to score Buckholts' only touch down of the game.

The 45 point "mercy rule" was invoked late in the third quarter with the win awarded to Concordia with the Badgers falling to the Cardinals, 52 - 7.

Game images - - > >  HSFB v Round Rock Concordia 09-20-19

Junior High Badgers Host Westphalia in Football 09-19-19

The Westphalia Junior High Bluejays came to Buckholts to take on the Junior High Badgers for an evening football game last Thursday.

The cheerleaders were ready for the game.

The head referee and his officiating crew were prepared.

Coach Shelton and the boys were primed.

And some of the fans were, errr, seriously anxious.

Game photos here - - > >  JH Football v Westphalia 09-19-19

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Lometa Cross Country Invitational 2019

The High School and Junior High Badgers cross country teams traveled to Lometa Regional Park to participate in the Lometa ISD sponsored Cross Country Invitational.

Lady Badgers High School team with Coach Shelton.

The Badgers men's team with Coach Shelton.

Zach Hafley and Nate Plumley show off the jewelry they won at the meet.

It was HOT and it was DRY with a few passing clouds at the Lometa meet.

The Junior High duo of Metcalf and Lorenz start their race.

Cecilia Abila, Buckholts Junior High's only female competitor
 wondering why anyone would run on this hot and dry limestone plateau.

XC images here - - > >  Lometa XC Meet 09-18-19

Monday, September 16, 2019

JH Football Battle in Gause

The Buckholts Junior High Badgers traveled to Gause to face the Bears last Thursday, September 12th in gridiron action.

Buckholts football alumni and current players were on hand. It was hot and dry and sunscreen was a must.

Buckholts posted the first seven points of the game and the cheerleaders worked to keep the crowd pumped up.

Despite the harsh sun and heat, the fans were into the game.

And there was a "first" during the game. Seth Strals make his first rushing touchdown in a Badger uniform!

Game images here - - > >  JH Football at Gause 09-12-19

Badgers vs TIgerettes in Volleyball

Tuesday, September 10th, the Buckholts High School Lady Badgers traded volleys with the Tigerettes from Thrall.

Often working close to the floor.

Photos here - - > >  Badger Volleyball v Thrall 09-10-19

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Badgerette Volleyball v Mumford

Monday, September 9th, saw lots of volleyball action as Mumford Junior High battled Buckholts Junior High in Badger gymnasium.

Match photos - - > > JH Volleyball v Mumford 09-09-19

Buckholts Lions Club Dessert Night For Teachers

It was a sweet time for Buckholts ISD teachers and staff at the Community Center, Thursday, September 5th, when the local Lions Club held a "Dessert Night" honoring the teachers and staff.

After capturing up on the latest photos,

and speaking some absolute "truths",

the party started.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Buckholts JH Volleyball vs Thrall

Thrall's Junior High Tigerettes were in Buckholts August 29th facing the Lady Badgerettes in a match of volleyball.

After a pre-game conference with the coach,

and Security was in place,

the Badgerettes went about their duty.

Match images here - - > >   JH Volleyball v Thrall 08-29-19

Friday, September 13, 2019

Lady Badgers Smack Manor & Oglesby in Volleyball

In a three team pre-season match up in Buckholts, Tuesday, August 27th, the Lady Badgers volleyball team was in full swing.

Manor New Tech was quickly dispatched to play Oglesby, with the Lady Badgers winning the first match 25-11 & 25-13. In the second match Oglesby beat Manor and had to face Buckholts in Match #3.

Oglesby suffered the same fate as Manor and went down to the Lady Badgers in the third match in just two games, 25-12 & 25-15.

Match photos here - - > >  HS Volleyball v Manor & Oglesby 08-27-19