Friday, August 16, 2019

Buckholts Schools Earn an "A" Rating

It's official! Buckholts ISD earns all "A's" from TEA.

The Texas Education Agency has released it's accountability and financial scores for all schools statewide. Buckholts ISD received an accountability rating of "A" and an "A" in finance. What's more, Buckholts ISD was the only school system in Milam County to get the "A" rating. And more,
Buckholts schools went from a F to an A in only three years! That's unheard of.

Want more? Buckholts ISD will now be a District of Innovation! 

When Superintendent Nancy Sandlin took the reins three years ago, our local school district was in bad shape and the TEA was threatening to close our schools. Mrs. Sandlin doggedly took to the task of turning the school system around. With the support of the school board she made drastic changes in staff, teachers and operations. Parents, students and the community got on board and the train groaned into action. And, now, the train has a full head of steam. (Sorry, I just couldn't pass up the train allegory.)

A long time ago I wrote about how good the students and community were here in Buckholts. Turns out I was right. The proof is in the recently recevied "A" ratings.

Sure, there's still work to do and facilities need maintenance and there are always things needing upgrade. But Buckholts' students have proven they have what it takes to succeed.

To the Board of Trustees, the administrators, the staff, the volunteers, the donors, ESC Region 6 administrators and staff, the parents, the STUDENTS and the tireless TEACHERS who put in 12 hours plus every day, CONGRATULATIONS!  YOU did it!

Now I propose a new motto be posted at Buckholts schools: "No slackers on this campus."