Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Buckholts Homecoming Celebration

Friday evening, 10-05-18, downtown Buckholts was alive with Buckholts schools' Homecoming activities. The first in order was community dinner under the hands Master Pit Chef Jeff Kuzel.

The meal was served up by the Badgers varsity football team.

After everyone filled up on BBQ chicken and fixings, the Homecoming parade kicked off.

Next up was the awarding of Varsity letter jackets.

Then there was "dance" contest.  (Be sure to check the videos at the end of this article.)

To crank things up a notch some, well, err, "special" ladies graced the crowd.

The traditional burning of the "B" preceded the street dance.

Finally, it appeared the celebration was a rousing success.

Photos are at this link - - > >  Homecoming Pep Rally 10-05-18

YouTube video links:                 Buckholts Pep Rally 100518-1

                                                   Buckholts Pep Rally 100518-2

                                                   Buckholts Pep Rally 100518-3