Thursday, October 25, 2018

Lady Badgers Stir Up A Lady Hornets Nest

Last Friday, the Holland Lady Hornets were in town for the last home game of this year's varsity volleyball season.

Participating in a round-non-table discussion between games.
Then it was back to work!
Match photos here - - > >  HS Volleyballv Holland 10-20-18

The 2018 Mud Bowl

Last Friday night, October 19th,  at Kenjura Field in Brenham there were omens. The Buckholts Badgers were ready to square off with the Fayettte County Homeschool Panthers.

Omen #1: The trip to Brenham was a bit dicey due to rain inundated roads and creeks;
Omen #2: No concessions;
Omen #3: The officials were late;
Omen #4: No chain gang. Volunteers were drafted;
Omen #5: The chains were 10 yard markers. Had to wait for 15 yard markers;
Omen #6: The field was slick as ice and mired by drizzle; and,
Omen #7: Preparing for the initial kickoff, the Back Judge official slipped and fell on the field,
                 breaking his wrist.

Then it got wild and woolly. Both teams scored within the first minute of the game, with the Badgers leading 8 - 6.

Luis Torres (#23) clearing the path for Eric Salomon (#2).
With 3 minutes on the first quarter clock, Fayette County scored and briefly led 13 - 8, but one minute later, Buckholts retakes the the lead 14 - 13.

Luis Torres strolling into the end zone.
For the rest of the first half, the Panthers never scored, but the Badgers increased their lead to 35-13.

The Lopez brothers, Caleb (#9) and Chris (#6) go long to set up another Buckholts touchdown.

Toes in bounds, check. Knees off ground, check. Ball across plane, check. Eric Salomon scores.
With the Badgers leading 35-13, the Fayette County Panthers surrendered to Buckholts, ending the game.

Here's the link to game photos: - - > >  HS Football v Fayette County 10-19-18

Monday, October 22, 2018

Fall Festival 2018

Buckholts school held it's annual Fall Festival in the school gymnasium Thursday, October 18th. It was a family fun night.

There was food and selfie snapping,

a cell phone quick draw contest,

some hawking,

and games galore.

See all the photos here - - > >   BISD Fall Festival 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jr High Orb Smackers Win In Two

It only took two games for the Buckholts Junior High Lady Badgers to win their match against the Thrall Tigerettes Monday night, 10-15-18, in Buckholts Gymnasium.

This seemed to please the local odds-makers.

Photos here - - > >  JH Volleyball v Thrall

Friday, October 12, 2018

Badger Homecoming 2018

The Round Rock Christian Academy Crusaders were in town last Friday night to face the Buckholts Badgers. The stands were packed and the fans were ready for some football.

Dr. Jane Gibson, M.D., Baylor Scott & White resident, sang the national anthem during pre-game ceremonies.

Then the Badgers got the game started with a touchdown.

The Crusaders had some scoring of their own in the works and led the Badgers most of the 1st half of the football game.

During halftime, the Homecoming Court was presented and Senior Hailey Cazares, escorted by her prince, Senior Caleb Lopez, was crowned Homecoming Queen.

The Badgers came back to the game charged up, opening the 3rd quarter with a touchdown to tie the game.

The rest of the game was a barn burner to the final minutes. With a 4 point lead, and another injured player, the Badgers maintained possession of the ball and wisely ran out the last two minutes of the game. Final score Buckholts 44, Rock Round Christian 40.

Game images here - - > >  Homecoming Varsity Football 2018

Buckholts Jr Hi Football vs Round Rock Christian Academy

Friday, 01-06-18, the Buckholts Junior High Badgers squared off against the Crusaders of Round Rock Christian Academy. Things appeared off to a good start.

However, this football season, the Badgers' lightning rod has been effective at attracting micro cells.

The lightning from this cell delayed the game at halftime, but after a lengthy intermission, the game resumed and finished.

Link to the photos - - > >  JH Football v Round Rock Christian 10-06-18

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Moving On To Regional Meet

Several Buckholts Junior High and High School Cross Country runners qualified for regional competition October 3rd at the District Track Meet in Moody, Texas.

Junior High girls qualifiers were:  Aubree Ralston, 1st place
                                                      Kassandra Benavides, 3rd place
                                                      Danielle Tatum, 6th place

Qualifying for Junior High boys:  Ivan Baez, 1st place
                                                       Fabian Baez, 7th place

The Junior High boys team, Ivan Baez, Fabian Baez, Eusebio Luciano, Kane Haley and R.J. Vega took 2nd place in the team division.

HS Junior Varsity girl runners were:  Victoria Tatum, 3rd place
                                                            Lorianna Greiner, 6th place

In the High School varsity division, both the boys and girls were 2nd place team winners, and both teams each had three individual Regional qualifiers.

Girls:  Whitney Evans (3rd place)                                       Boys:  Chris Lopez (3rd place)
           Marissa LaBrada (5th place)                                                Caleb Lopez (7th place)
           Elizabeth Trdy (10th place)                                                  Kenneth Shelton (9th place)
           Ashlynne Kessler                                                                  Michael Avila
           Gina Melendez                                                                      Zachary McGee
           Natalie Avila                                                                         Christian Kessler
           Mekayla Moore                                                                     Eric Soloman

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Buckholts Homecoming Celebration

Friday evening, 10-05-18, downtown Buckholts was alive with Buckholts schools' Homecoming activities. The first in order was community dinner under the hands Master Pit Chef Jeff Kuzel.

The meal was served up by the Badgers varsity football team.

After everyone filled up on BBQ chicken and fixings, the Homecoming parade kicked off.

Next up was the awarding of Varsity letter jackets.

Then there was "dance" contest.  (Be sure to check the videos at the end of this article.)

To crank things up a notch some, well, err, "special" ladies graced the crowd.

The traditional burning of the "B" preceded the street dance.

Finally, it appeared the celebration was a rousing success.

Photos are at this link - - > >  Homecoming Pep Rally 10-05-18

YouTube video links:                 Buckholts Pep Rally 100518-1

                                                   Buckholts Pep Rally 100518-2

                                                   Buckholts Pep Rally 100518-3

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Buckholts vs Mumford In Volleyball

Kicking off Badger Homecoming Weekend the Lady Badgers welcomed the Mustang Pride of Mumford in a volleyball showdown at 2:00 PM Friday, October 5th.

Some had a good time at the match.

Others . . . not so much.

Match photos here - - > >  HS Volleyball v Mumford 10-05-18

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Jr Hi Volleyball vs Bartlett

The Lassies of Bartlett and the Lady Badgers of Buckholts faced off in a Junior High volleyball in Buckholts last Monday.

The match began as a solemn occasion.
But ended on a note of hilarity. 
Link to game images - - > >  JH Volleyball v Bartlett 01-01-18

Monday, October 1, 2018

Lady Badgers Take on Tigerettes in Volleyball

The Thrall Tigerette varsity volleyball team was in Buckholts Saturday, 09-29-18, to tempt the Lady Badgers.

There was lots of action at the net.
And high flying acrobatics.
Here is a link to the game photos - - > >   HS Volleyball v Thrall 09-29-18

And here are links to 2 YouTube videos from GoPro clips of the game:

                               HS Vball 092918 A
                                                                                        HS Vball 092918 B