Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pretty In Pink

This isn't and old movie review,

just some images from the football game of the Badgers taking on Round Rock Christian.

Friday, January 19, 2018

CenTex Football

The Junior High Badgers traveled to Temple to challenge the Cen Tex Chargers for afternoon football game.

Here are the game photos > >  JH Football v CenTex 10-05-17

A Thorn In The Side

                                  Or, Varsity Volleyball vs. Thorndale on October the 3rd.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

5 Quarters

Parkview Christian varsity football came to Buckholts 09-29-17 to take on the Badgers for four quarters of football.

After the 4th quarter, the action transferred to the Buckholts VFD fire station for the fifth quarter.

Photo links > >  HS Football vs Parkview Christian 09-29-17

                  5th Quarter 09-29-17

HS Volleyball vs Granger

The Granger volleyball game in Buckholts on September 26th was a wild game.

"WHAT did you say?"
"I didn't hear anything."
"Me neither!"

Link to the photos > >   HS Volleyball v Granger 09-26-17

Monday, January 15, 2018

Friday, January 12, 2018

Buckholts Homecoming 2017

The Buckholts Badgers kicked off Homecoming 2017 with a community hamburger supper, plus a community  bonfire and pep rally.

Letter jackets were also awarded before the pep rally.

The Junior High Badgers had the first grid iron action.

The Varsity Badgers then took on McDade.

And Sara Cox was crowned Homecoming Queen.

Homecoming photos list:

HS Volleyball vs Mumford

What better place to show off a new cast than a volleyball game.

Mumford volleyball game photos here > >  HS Volleyball v Mumford 09-15-17

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pajama Day

Wednesday, September 13th, was Pajama Day at Buckholts schools.

More pajama pictures > >   BISD Pajama Day 09-13-17

Olaf and Volleyball

The Lady Badgers High School volleyball team took on Holland in Buckholts on 09-12-17. Olaf watched from the bleachers, making at least one fan uncomfortable.

But, apparently, the girls had fun with Olaf's visit.

Badger Jr High Volleyball vs Holland

The Holland Junior High girls made a trip to Buckholts on September 11th for a volleyball game.

While some took time to engage social media,

                                                                          others basked in the sun rays.

Game photos here > >  JH Volleyball v Holland 09-11-17

Monday, January 8, 2018

Holy Trinity !

For the first home football game of the 2017 season, Holy Trinity came to Buckholts to face the Varsity Badgers.

Some had different pre-game opinions.

Game event photos  > >  HS Football vs Holy Trinity 09-08-17

Buckholts Lions Club Teacher Appreciation

The local Lions Club held an appreciation evening for Buckholts teachers and staff, September 6th, at the community center.

All the photos here > >  Lions Club Teacher Appreciation 09-06-17

HS Volleyball vs Bartlett PLUS

The Lady Badgers hosted Bartlett in volleyball on 09-15-17.

Plus, there was quite a crowd on hand!

Game photos here > >  HS Volleyball vs Bartlett 09-05-17

Crowd photos here > > Volleyball Crowd 09-05-17

Quitting To Catch Up

Sometimes you have to quit to catch up. Huh?

Well, after some 18 months of wrangling with CenturyLink over outages and slow internet, I quit them. I'm sure CenturyLink takes care of it's customers in metropolitan areas, but in small communities like Buckholts, it appears Centurylink doesn't care. So, I switched my ISP to wireless AT&T. I now get consistent service and reasonable internet speeds. Other people in our area have switched to the new HughesNet satellite system and report satisfaction. But, I can't afford HughesNet and don't want another long term contract. Note: I have no sponsor affiliation with any of the these three ISPs.

Now, having reliable internet, I am catching up on this blog. Please bear with me as I reload months of photos.

Here are Volleyball and team photos from last August.

HS Volleyball v Chilton 08-08-17

HS Volleyball v Evant 08-14-17

2017 Fall Team Photos

HS Volleyball v Oglesby 08-29-17

JH Volleyball v Bartlett 08-31-17

Saturday, January 6, 2018

School Kick-Off

To break the summer doldrums and prepare for the new 2017-18 school year, the Bukholts Betterment Association presented a public street dance in downtown Buckholts, August 5th. Kicking things off, the BBA presented a hefty donation to Buckholts ISD.

David Meinardus, Buckholts Betterment Association, presents
 a donation check to Buckholts ISD Superintendent Nancy Sandlin.
After some cheers,

the party started,

with music from the Michael Carubelli Band, courtesy of the BBA.

All photos from the Summer Kickoff here > >  School Kickoff Summer 2017

Summer School for Teachers

Yep!  Teachers spend most of their summer "off" attending classes, clinics and seminars. Buckholts ISD was very fortunate to have TWO internationally renowned educators presenting in li'l old Buckholts last summer.

This past July, Toby J Karten, teacher, adjust professor, author and international consultant, presented her Inclusion Strategies series to Buckholts' teachers and staff.

Photos of Mrs. Karten's Buckholts workshop here > >  Toby Karten Workshop

In August, teachers and staff were back on our local campus to hear internationally acclaimed educator, Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.  Dr. Payne is the founder of the aha! Process and author of the best selling A Framework for Understanding Poverty.

Photos from Dr Payne's visit here > >  Ruby Payne Workshop