Friday, December 14, 2018

A Badger Christmas 2018

There was quite a crowd in the Buckholts School Cafetorium Thursday night. Kids, parents and community members had a Christmas spaghetti supper before the lights dimmed for the school's annual Christmas presentation.

There were reindeer pulling a . . .
sleigh full of kids.
Santa made an appearance.
The High School choir sang.
Angels showed up before
the Grand Finale.
Click here for images - - > >  Badger Christmas 2018

To see a video of the entire performance go here - - > >  Badger Xmas 2018 Video

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

HS Girls Hoops

Last evening, the Lady Panthers from Burton High School made the hour and a half trip to Buckholts to take on the Lady Badgers in a game of hoops.

There was plenty of close contact.

And, fast paced action.

Game images here - - > >  HS Girls Basketball v Burton 12-11-18

Friday, December 7, 2018

HIgh School Basketball 12-04-18

Last Tuesday evening the balls were bouncing in Buckholts gymnasium. The ladies High School team from Granger ISD and the men's High School team from Belton Providence Prep were in town for some basketball action.

The Lady Badgers and the Lady Lions matched up first.

Buckholts' side of the scoreboard was in deficit the first three quarters of the game, but in the fourth quarter, the Lady Badgers wrestled the lead from the Lady Lions and won 35-31.

The High School boys had to play with a different deficit. Due to two injuries (yep, here we go again) and several team members ineligible due to failing grades, the Badgers were only able to put four players on the court against Providence Prep's full team plus an overflowing bench.

The Badgers had to play loose to avoid fouling out, but they were aggressive on the ball.

The boys' game ended with Buckholts 15 points behind, but considering the Badgers's team circumstances, this game shouldn't be considered a loss.

HS Girls Basketball v Granger 12-04-18

HS Boys Basketball v Belton Providence 12-04-18

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Jr Hi Roundballers Go 2 For 2

Last evening, the Buckholts Junior High basketball teams hosted the Coupland Cowgirls and Cowboys. The Lady Badgers were first up.

And the takeaway was,

the girls won their game!

Then, the Junior High boys took the court.

The Badgers made the game a scoring clinic for the Cowboys.

The Badger boys handily defeated the Coupland boys.

Links to game photos below:

JH Girls Basketball v Coupland 12-03-18

                                                            JH Boys Basketball v Coupland 12-03-18

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Buckholts Abuzz

What would not draw much attention in Houston, and probably several New York City hand salutes, had Buckholts buzzing Saturday evening. Was it a rocket fuselage (correctly called the structure system)? Why did it require a police motorcycle escort?

Arriving in Buckholts just before sunset on US 190/TX 36 shy of FM 1915, being carried on two 18 wheeler flat bed trailers, this shiny cylinder pulled off the road. It took only a few minutes to draw local attention, as well as slow traffic.

Vehicles and pedestrians were dwarfed by the shiny beast. The contraption is a "concentrator", used to separated methane from carbon dioxide at natural gas plants. This rig was supported by 16 trailer axles. You do the math to figure out the weight.

The motorcycle officers and the transport team made sure the giant rig was safely off the highway. Sunset arriving, the transport was grounded for the night. One of the drivers said the rig left Houston just after sunrise Saturday morning and took all day to reach Buckholts. The destination for the concentrator was not revealed, but the driver said he had a long way to the terminus. 30 minutes after sunrise Sunday morning, the huge transport was underway bidding adieu to the curious in Buckholts.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Jr Hi Hoopsters Take On Oglesby

The Oglesby Junior High basketball teams were in Buckholts last Monday to challenge the Buckholts Junior High teams.

First up were the girls teams.

Followed by the boys teams.

Photos from the girls game - - > >  JH Girls Basketball v Oglesby 11-12-18

Boys game photos - - > >  JH Boys Basketball v Oglesby 11-12-18

Monday, November 12, 2018

Final Friday Night Lights of 2018 - Four Takeways

#1 - Five Seniors, Caleb and Chris Lopez, Eric Salomon, Christian Kessler and Dustin Hafley played their last football game as a Buckholts Badger.

#2 - The injury bug that plagued the team all season has no more prey.

#3 - A person could have gotten rich selling antacid to the coaches and fans in the second half of the game. Bad flashbacks of the McDade game were occurring.

#4 - The Badgers WON!

The first half of the game last Friday in Buckholts, the Badgers were clearly in command. Quarter 1 ended with Buckholts leading Oglesby 24 - 6. At halftime, the Badgers led the Tigers 36-19. With three starters sidelined with injuries and two starters gimpy, things got dicey in the third quarter. Quarter 3 ended with Buckholts up 48-37. It was up to the bench to hold the game.

With 6:51 remaining in the game, the Tigers recover a Badger fumble and score. Buckholts 48, Oglesby 43. (Cue the drama.) With 4:01 to go, Buckholts gets TD + PAT to increase the lead. Badgers 55, Tigers 43. With the clock down to 3:32, the Tigers score 8 points. Buckholts 55, Oglesby 51. (Break out the antacid.) The Badgers contain the Tigers kickoff and keep their heads in the game and run out the clock. The Badgers won the last game of their season in front of a hometown crowd.

Link to game photos - - > >  BHS Varsity Football v Oglesby 11-09-18

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Badger Football In Calvert

The Buckholts Junior High and Varsity football teams were in Calvert, Friday, November 11th, for some gridiron pastime. Junior High was up first against the Trojans.

The Junior High Badgers had another muddy field to contend with.
And, the boys played hard. But, with injuries sidelining the team 
to 5 active players after the first half, Buckholts conceded to Calvert.

Due to the abrupt ending of the Junior High game, the Varsity Badgers got an early game start.

Nothing like a little extra baggage on your long run.
Though they caught glimpses of the endzone, the Badgers never scored
and the "mercy rule" handed the win to Calvert in the third quarter.
Final score: Buckholts 0      Calvert 45
Junior High photos - - > >  JH Football in Calvert 11-02-18

           Short Junior High video - - > >  Buckholts JH Football in Calvert

Varsity Football images - - > >  HS Football in Calvert 11-02-18

                  Short Varsity video - - > >  Buckholts Varsity Football v Calvert

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Lady Badgers Vie For Area In Volleyball

Thursday, November 1st, the Buckholts Lady Badgers traveled to Gonzales High School to meet the Nordheim Lady Pirates in a neutral volleyball match for an Area title and a chance to advance to Regional playoffs.

The Lady Badgers won their first game against the Lady Pirates.

Game 2 was won by Nordheim.

Unfortunately for the Lady Badgers, Nordheim won games 3 and 4 to win the match, ending the volleyball season for Buckholts.

Match photos - - > >  HS Volleyball v Nordheim 11-01-18

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Lady Badgers Are Bi-District Volleyball Champions!

Monday evening, October 29th, the Buckholts High School Varsity Lady Badgers were pitted against the Lady Longhorns from Dime Box in a volleyball match to determine the Bi-district championship.

Playing in Badger Gymnasium, it only took the Lady Badgers an hour and 17 minutes to grab the championship in three straight games: 25-13, 25-18, 25-18.

Play was often intense.
There were some funny moments.
A little slip-and-slide action.
Then, the celebration began for the Division IA,
 Region 4 Bi-district volleyball champions.
Image of Champions here - - > >  Bi-District Champions 10-29-18

Thursday, November 1, 2018

McDade Upends Buckholts

In what may be the biggest upset in Conference 1A Division 2 this football season, in the final seconds of the game, McDade came from behind to defeat Buckholts 66-65.

For much of the first half, the Badgers maintained a 3 touchdown lead. At halftime, it appeared Buckholts had McDade in check.

Apparently, McDade made some halftime adjustments and Buckholts didn't. The Badgers managed to hang on to the lead, but it was shrinking.

The third quarter ended with Buckholts leading 65-48. But, then McDade opened the fourth quarter with a touchdown to shrink the Badgers lead to 11 points. With 4:25 remaining in the last quarter, McDade scores again to pull within 5 points of the lead. 

In the final seconds of the game Buckholts was still leading 65-60. Buckholts had possession of the ball. On the last play of the game, the Badgers merely needed to take a knee, but a blitzing Bulldog defender broke through the Badger offensive and apparently startled the Badger QB who attempted a lateral pass which turned out to be an Easter Egg for McDade, The blitzing Bulldog defender snatched the lateral and ran it for a touchdown with the final buzzer fading. Final score: McDade 66, Buckholts 65. #@*% it! By one point.

Game images - - > >  HS Football v McDade 10-26-18

One & a half minute of GoPro clips - - > > Buckholts HS Football v McDade

Buckholts Jr Hi Football vs McDade

Though the field was still muddy, at least it wasn't raining in Bastrop last Friday night, as the Junior High Badgers faced the McDade Junior High Bulldogs.

The Junior High cheerleaders kept the crowd pumped up.

But as the game neared the end, some couldn't bear to watch.

Game photos here - - > >  JH Football v McDade 10-26-18

Short GoPro video - - > >  Badger JH Football v McDade

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Lady Badgers Stir Up A Lady Hornets Nest

Last Friday, the Holland Lady Hornets were in town for the last home game of this year's varsity volleyball season.

Participating in a round-non-table discussion between games.
Then it was back to work!
Match photos here - - > >  HS Volleyballv Holland 10-20-18

The 2018 Mud Bowl

Last Friday night, October 19th,  at Kenjura Field in Brenham there were omens. The Buckholts Badgers were ready to square off with the Fayettte County Homeschool Panthers.

Omen #1: The trip to Brenham was a bit dicey due to rain inundated roads and creeks;
Omen #2: No concessions;
Omen #3: The officials were late;
Omen #4: No chain gang. Volunteers were drafted;
Omen #5: The chains were 10 yard markers. Had to wait for 15 yard markers;
Omen #6: The field was slick as ice and mired by drizzle; and,
Omen #7: Preparing for the initial kickoff, the Back Judge official slipped and fell on the field,
                 breaking his wrist.

Then it got wild and woolly. Both teams scored within the first minute of the game, with the Badgers leading 8 - 6.

Luis Torres (#23) clearing the path for Eric Salomon (#2).
With 3 minutes on the first quarter clock, Fayette County scored and briefly led 13 - 8, but one minute later, Buckholts retakes the the lead 14 - 13.

Luis Torres strolling into the end zone.
For the rest of the first half, the Panthers never scored, but the Badgers increased their lead to 35-13.

The Lopez brothers, Caleb (#9) and Chris (#6) go long to set up another Buckholts touchdown.

Toes in bounds, check. Knees off ground, check. Ball across plane, check. Eric Salomon scores.
With the Badgers leading 35-13, the Fayette County Panthers surrendered to Buckholts, ending the game.

Here's the link to game photos: - - > >  HS Football v Fayette County 10-19-18