Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Buckholts Athletic Advertisements

Your Buckholts Badgers athletic teams appreciate your continued support. The following is from Athletic Director Kyle Rinderknecht.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

State Representative Makes Surprise Visit at SOS Meeting

Wednesday, 01-18-17, Buckholts ISD:

Despite a very short meeting notice, over 120 of Buckholts' community leaders, parents, students, teachers and school administrators gathered in the BISD Cafetorium to make known to the local school board how the community wanted to respond to the impending closing of Buckholts schools.
And, in the audience making a surprise visit was our State Representative Terry Wilson.

District 20 Texas State Representative, Terry Wilson, listened intently to the speakers and audience at the second Save Our School meeting in Buckholts on January 18th.

School Superintendent Nancy Sandlin opened the meeting and explained the latest communications from TEA Commissioner Mike Morath. School Board President Adam Losoya then took the reins of the meeting.

BISD School Board President Adam Losoya solicits input from the community regarding formulating a response to TEA regarding the impending closure of Buckholts schools.
School Board members Ricky McCall and David Meinardus told the audience how the school board had changed in response to TEA's rating of the schools, including dismissal of the previous superintendent and hiring Mrs. Sandlin to straighten things up. Students are being held accountable for their grades and actions. Students are learning and teachers are teaching, with extreme focus on core subjects. Student benchmarks are on the rise. Teachers are encouraged to attend school board meetings. A new PTO has been formed. These things were sorely missing the past four school years.

Current school board members expressed concern that the TEA has not received accurate reports of administrative improvements. Students, parents and community members expressed negative impacts they would suffer from the closure of the school system.

Understanding it is an uphill and costly battle, the community told the school board to fight the school closure in court.

Representative Wilson sat quietly and listened earnestly to the speakers and community response. Only after being asked to do so by meeting attendees, Rep. Wilson took the floor.

With no bravado and no wild promises, Rep. Wilson said he would speak with his State colleagues and contact TEA Commissioner Mike Morath. Our Representative said he is aware of the Commissioner's anguish in deciding to order closure of the school, but perhaps he did not know all the details of the school's recent commitment to improvement. Rep. Wilson encouraged the Buckholts community to write and call their senator and the Commissioner. In closing, Rep. Wilson laid the responsibility of improving student scores squarely in the laps of the parents.

This IS a dire situation. Closing the school means killing the town. It could mean our students being sent to unsafe and uncaring school environments. It could mean unrecoverable economic impact on our local families. The final nail in the coffin has NOT been driven, but the hammer is hoisted. The local school community has expressed their desire to fight the closure. This cannot be a one-man stand. You can't leave it up to the next person. YOU have to get involved in a positive manner NOW! More importantly, if you are in this, you HAVE to be in for the long haul. If somehow the school remains open, it will require continuous intense commitment from EVERYONE.

Meeting photos here > >  SOS Meeting with Rep. Wilson

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Appreciation & Awards

The BISD Board met Monday, January 16th, in regular session with a full agenda, but January is School Board Appreciation Month and the public and the school showed their appreciation.

In turn, the Board recognized staff and students for outstanding achievement.
Superintendent Nancy Sandlin presents SPED teacher/coach/UIL Coordinator Sylvia Lowery with an award for Outstanding UIL Coordination.  Cafeteria Manager Janie Watson, who was unable to attend, received an award for Outstanding Cafeteria Management.

Several High School athletes received awards for being selected to All District Football and Volleyball teams, as well as being recognized for Academic Achievements in Athletics.

AD/Head Coach Kyle Rinderknecht with High School student athletes presented with Certificates of High Achievement.
In Football 2016 Region 4 District 16 Division 2, honors are as follows,
Academic All-District:  Kristopher Munoz,  Luke Trevino,  Eric Salomon,  Jeffery Arledge-Ruiz,  Victor Baez,   Jason Duran,  Jacob Hernandez,  David Rodriguez &  Abel Owens

Nominee for Academic All-State:  David Rodriguez,  Abel Owens

2nd Team All-District
Wide Receiver:  Eric Salomon &  Christian Kessler
Spread Center:  Kristopher Munoz
Quarterback:   Luke Trevino
Running Back:   Jacob Hernandez
Linebacker:  Victor Baez

In  Volleyball 2016 Region 2 District 16-1A, the following Lady Badgers were honored,

Honorable Mention: Hailey Cazares,  Katie Hubnik,  Megan Lopez

All-Academic:  Ashlynne Kessler (9th),  Elizabeth Trdy (9th)
2nd Team:  Julissa Cardona

Congratulations to the Board and all honorees!

Meeting photos here > >  Board Recognition & Fall Athletic Awards

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Buckholts ISD will hold 2nd S-O-S Meeting Wednesday at 6:00 PM in the Cafetorium.

TEA Commissioner Mike Morath, despite what was early indicated, has notified the School Board that the TEA intends to dissolve the local school district and annex our students into a yet-to-be-determined school district. That's double-talk for announcing the TEA is bent on shutting our schools.

YOU need to be at this meeting to inform the Board what you want done in response. This is a matter for the Board and our community.

This FRIDAY, Jan 20th, the School Board will meet in a Special Session at 6:00 PM, in the school library, to consider citizens' input from Wednesday night's S-O-S meeting.

Sorry for the short notice, but the clock is ticking on a formal response from the school board.

Editor's note: This sucks! School administration is on track, doing what they said they would do. Regular teachers and special short term teachers are TEACHING. Students are LEARNING.

Your kids are in a safe school with no thugs, no drugs. 

So, do we fight, or do we peacefully transfer the students to [ we don't know where, yet]?

Got another idea? YOU need to attend these meetings to politely advise your school board. 

This is NOT a time for personal or petty grievances. This is NOT a time howling about the good old days. This IS the time for our school community stakeholders to advise the School Board how to proceed.

Not to pick on another school district in trouble, but I was told Marlin ISD is in their 6th (sixth!) year of IR rating and the TEA has put that district under conservatorship and Marlin schools are still open. Buckholts ISD, with a new school board, superintendent and principal, is doing everything they can getting the mess straightened up left by the previous superintendent, yet TEA wants to shut us down. Doesn't pass the smell test.

Maybe Buckholts is just an easy target for the TEA. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Oglesby Comes To Town

Buckholts' Varsity basketball teams hosted Oglesby High School in the Badger gymnasium Friday, January 13th.

The High School boys were first up.

Then, the Lady Badgers took the floor.

Links to the game photos:  > >  Badger Boys Basketball 01-13-17

                                            > >  Lady Badgers Basketball 01-13-17

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Buckholts PTO Officers Elected

Buckholts' newly formed PTO met for the second time, Thursday, January 12th, in the school library.

"Old" business and new business was discussed, as well as fund-raising plans. Setting up as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) and establishing bank accounts are in progress.

PTO officers were also elected at the meeting:

          President............................................... Bekka Arnold
          Vice-President........................................ Sylvia Lowery
          Secretary............................................... Germaine Carter
          Parliamentarian....................................... Melissa Lorenz
          Treasurer................................................ Chris Marrs

Link to the meeting photos:  > >  PTO Meeting 01-12-17

Providence Returns To Buckholts 01-10-17

After a four day absence, Providence returns to Buckholts, in an athletic sense.

In High School boys' basketball, last Tuesday, January 10th, the Badgers met Belton's Providence Preparatory School for more hoops after the two teams match up last Friday.

Game Photos here:  HS Boys Basketball 01-10-17

Monday, January 9, 2017

Badgers Host Providence in Basketball 01-06-17

Buckholts' High School Boys Basketball hosted Belton's Providence Preparatory School Friday evening, 01-06-17.

Game photos here:  > >  BISD HS Boys Basketball 01-06-17

Superintendent Updates Lions Club 01-05-17

During the monthly meeting of the Buckholts Lions Club on Thursday, January 5th, Buckholts ISD Superintendent Nancy Sandlin updated members and guests on Buckholts school's status with the Texas Education Agency.

December 21, 2016, Superintendent Sandlin, BISD School Board members Adam Loyosa and Samantha Marrs, with support from ESC 6 and legal representation, appeared before TEA Commissioner Mike Morath and TEA Deputy Commissioners for an Informal Review of the school's status, at TEA headquarters in Austin, TX.

Mrs. Sandlin presented data compiled by her and ESC Region 6 in an appeal to stay Commissioner Morath's decision to close Buckholts ISD. Mr. Losoya and Mrs. Marrs responded to questions about the local school board from the Commissioner. The Commissioner is taking at least 30 days to consider the findings of the Informal Review.

Also, Superintendent Sandlin reported to the club that additional part-time teachers have been hired, the computer labs have been updated and are now fully functional, additional teacher training is on-going and the activity of volunteers at the school.

Photos from the meeting are here.  > >  Buckholts Lions Club 01-05-17