Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Buckholts FFA Cowboy Roping 12-18-16

Man, what a difference 24 hours makes. Sunday, December 18th, never broke 32 degrees at the 3P Arena in Buckholts, in stark comparison to Saturday's high 60's for the team roping events. Most of Sunday afternoon, I couldn't feel my fingers, but roping was at hand.

Cowboy Roping, to benefit the Buckholts FFA, was organized by Chuck Kaiser and Anthony Pina.
Here's the sponsor board:

And the winners are:

High Point Roper - Anthony Pina
Top Team - Ray Batiste & Ron Richmond

L-R: Chuck Kaiser (Event Organizer), Anthony Pina (High Point Roper, Sponsor & Event Organizer), Ron Richmond & Ray Batiste (Top Team Ropers) and Alicia Theriot, Buckholts Ag Science teacher and FFA sponsor)

Below is the link to the Cowboy Roping Photos, but, not all the photos will be finished until after Christmas, so keep checking back here.

Buckholts FFA Team Roping 12-17-16

Last Saturday's Team Roping at the 3P Arena, benefiting the Buckholts FFA chapter was huge success. Organizers Chuck Kaiser and Anthony Pina had everything running smooth.

First, THANKS to the event sponsors:

Jack Hilliard Ranches
Circle V Store
Georgia Pirtle Insurance
3P Cowboy Church
Lorenz Tire
Amazing Grace Thrift Shop
Buckholts Fire Department
Mike & Diana Beadnell
3P Arena

and all the students and volunteers who worked the event.

Jake Wagner was the high point roper and won the saddle donated by Hilliard Ranches.

L to R: Chuck Kaiser (Organizer), Cooper Meinardus (FFA Treasurer) Jake Wagner (#10 Header Buckle + High Point Saddle), Wes Mucha (#10 Heeler Buckle) Jeffrey Arledge-Ruiz (FFA member), Anthony Pina (Organizer & Event Sponsor) and Alicia Theriot (BISD Ag-Science & FFA Sponsor)

#8 Class Champs were Rylie Cosper (Header Buckle Winner) & Wes Lundry (Heeler Buckle Winner)

Saturday's roping photos at this link > >  Buckholts FFA Benefit Team Roping 12-17-16

Monday, December 19, 2016

Buckholts Elementary School Christmas Program 2016

Buckholts Elementary students presented their Christmas Program in the Cafetorium last Thursday, December 15th. 

Here is the link to the program photos > >  BISD Elementary Christmas Program

AND, here is the link to the music  > > BISD Elementary Xmas Music

These are mp3 files. Just click the tracks (TRK) files to play the songs.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Buckholts PTO Forming

A handful of parents and teachers met in the BISD Library Thursday night, December 15th, taking the first steps in establishing a Parent-Teacher Organization.

Preliminary by-laws were adopted, but there's lots be done to make the PTO viable.
Mission/purpose, election of officers, financial setup, non-profit status, etc.

A PTO is formed to support the efforts of the school teachers and administration.

A PTO is organized exclusively for the charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.

The objectives of a PTO are usually:

      ·    Establish and maintain a working relationship among parents, school and community.
      ·    Support school improvement teams and promote the finest education possible for the students.
      ·    Expand technology and supplement equipment and supplies.
      ·    Increase student safety and security.
      ·    Develop programs and projects that will support or enrich the curriculum.
      ·    Enhance the quality of education by raising funds for school supplies or programs that fall outside the school budget.

Though usually established for the elementary school level, a PTO, especially in smaller districts, may serve K-12. A properly established PTO, run in a professional manner is very important in the success of students.

Typical roles of a PTO are:
  • Support the program and activities of the school, but the PTO does NOT run the school.
  • Encourage parent involvement, but the PTO does NOT force parental participation in PTO or school activities.
  • Give feedback/suggestions for school programs, but the PTO does NOT set school policy.
  • Organize fundraising to support equipment and services not covered by the school budget, but the PTO does NOT control the schools' budget.
  • Help with projects that support and enrich the curriculum, but the PTO does NOT define the curriculum of the school district.
  • Encourage and fund exposure of students to technology, but the PTO does NOT dictate software or technology policy.
  • Support the educational goals of the schools through parent and community volunteerism, but the PTO does NOT set the educational goals, nor testing requirements or compliance factors.
  • Recruit and coordinate volunteer efforts to perform PTO functions and assist with school programs, but the PTO does NOT have an authority over school district administrators, staff, teachers or other school employees
  • BUT, a successful PTO DOES help make successful schools

"It takes a village to raise a child"

Photos from the PTO meeting  > >  PTO Organizational Meeting

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

BISD Students and Teachers Recognized

At the regular monthly BISD Board Meeting, two students and two teachers were recognized for outstanding service.

Jacob Hernandez and Christopher Salomon were recognized for school and civic service, with certificates presented by Principal Kris Shaver.

Principal Shaver also recognized two teachers for going above and beyond in the classroom.

Elementary Teacher Janice Bridges with her certificate. Hannah Noel, also an elementary teacher, was recognized, but is away on family leave. (So that's why Mrs. Noel was given a baby shower a few weeks ago.)

CONGRATULATIONS to the recipients.

And now, about those cell phones.

Improper cell phone use by students in the classroom has risen sharply the last few weeks. Partly because it's easier for students to conceal cell phones in winter clothing. Whatever the reason for students violating student conduct rules, if a student is texting, listening to music or watching videos on their phones in class,they are NOT learning or participating in class. Parents/guardians must emphasize their children are to keep their phones off during school time. Parents/guardians should NOT be texting their children at school during school hours. Without spending thousands of dollars, there is little more the school system can do to electronically control student cell phone use in the classroom.

There are land line phones campus wide in case of emergency. Teachers are allowed to activate their cell phones in case of emergency. (Yep, teachers cell phones are to be off during instructional times,) If a student becomes sick, that student must report to the nurse for evaluation and documentation, instead of texting their parents to come get them. ALL the school computer labs are fully equipped and functional. There is simply no educationally sound reason for students to be accessing their phones in or between classes.

So here it is. If you want your children to succeed, be capable of learning, graduate high school and be employable or college bound, IF you care and want to be the reason Buckholts schools succeed and stay open and accredited, curb your child's cell phone usage at school. Severely limit available talk time. Maybe take it away for a month or more. Put time-of-use restrictions on that phone (check with your carrier for instructions).

Now, some will ask why the big deal? Well, DUH, first the obvious distraction! Secondly, for a recent example, someone on campus has been using a Samsung S7 smart phone as an internet "hotspot" attempting to bypass the school's internet filter (required by Federal and State law, and yes it is a pain). If that Samsung S7 is used enough as an internet hotspot, I likely will be able to identify the perpetrator and subsequent hotspot users.

This hotspot issue, or similar attempts to bypass school internet controls is serious business. For example, were I able to identify a school staff member using their cell phone as a hotspot at school in a subversive or "recreational" manner, I would, with supporting evidence, name that person to the school board with a recommendation that person be fired, on the spot, and criminal charges be filed. Yeah! It's that serious. And ridiculous so much time is spent on cell phone issues at BISD.

Research from  the University of Texas and Louisiana State University shows that test scores increase between 6-14% when cell phones are not allowed in the classroom. Here's the link:   

That 6-14% might keep the schools open. Just sayin' . . .

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Treats Needed !

Buckholts Elementary is hosting an academic UIL event this Wednesday, December 14th. Food, snacks and drinks are needed for the hospitality room for the adults directing events, grading and wrangling kids. If you and/or your organization can donate donuts, finger sandwiches, sodas, bottled water, adult snacks, etc. please contact the school.


Also: FFA benefit roping event next Saturday (12/17) and Sunday afternoon (12/18)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Jr High Hoops vs Westphalia

Westphalia's Junior High basketball teams paid a visit to Buckholts gymnasium Monday, December 5th.

The girls were up first:

Followed by the boys:

Links to the game photos are below.

Monday, December 5, 2016

FFA Benefit Team Roping Coming Up

Buckholts FFA benefit teaming roping at 3P arena
December 17th and 18th.

Saturday, December 17 the books open at 9:00 AM with roping starting at 10:00 AM.

          #8/4 cap is $40 per team                                         #10/6 cap is $50 per team

Buckles to Champion Header and Heeler

Saddle to High Money Roper

Sunday, December 18 the books open at 2:00 PM with roping at 3:00 PM.

          3 Man Team with 4 loop limit and steer must be tied, $60 per team

Buckles to First Place Team

3P arena is located at 6722 N Hwy 36 (US190) past the east Buckholts city limit on the north side of US 190/TX 36.

Concessions will be available and kids (supervised) are welcome to enter.

Need details?  Call 254-723-1134 or 432-755-4593.

Support your Buckholts FFA !

Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Near Miss

This one almost slipped by me. 🔺

The Buckholts Senior class of 2017 will host a dinner and (sh!!) silent auction at the Buckholts Community Center this Sunday, December 4th from 11 AM - 2 PM. Dinner (lunch, lupper, etc.)

For $7 (seven bucks) you get 2 (two) chicken fajita tacos with all the trimmings, beans, rice and a drink.

Cheaper than Mickey D's and with a purpose, support your Buckholts' Seniors and bid on stuff to get the Seniors to Dustin, Florida and out of their parents' hair for a few days!

So come and have fun, eat and be merry for The Season.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Orange Santa

The Buckholts Town Council, the Police Department, local businesses and citizens are in allegiance as Orange Santa to assist needy families with Christmas sharing. Orange Santa wishes to express the joy of giving so that ALL Buckholts children have a special Christmas.

Donations of toys will be accepted at Town Hall until December 16th. Families may apply for assistance through December 8th at the town hall.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Jr Hi Basketball 11-28-16

Buckholts Junior High hosted Oglesby in basketball last Wednesday, 11-28-16.

The ladies were in fine form.

And, the boys saw plenty of action.

Girls photos here  > >  JH Girls Basketball 11-28-16

Boys here   > >  JH Boys Basketball 11-28-16

BISD Early Release, PTO, & Christmas Program

Buckholts Schools will be hosting an Elementary U.I.L. meet Wednesday, December 14th. Activities start at 12:30 PM so students will be released at noon.

Then Thursday, December 15th, the school will present their Christmas Program at 6:30 PM in the Cafetorium. Before the program, a PTO organizational meeting will be held in the Elementaty Library at 5:30 PM.

BISD Job Opening

Buckholts ISD is still looking for a part time crossing guard for U.S. 190/Hwy 36.

Must be RELIABLE and RESPONSIBLE with the ability to work outside in ALL weather conditions EVERY school day. Must pass DPS criminal history check.

editor's note: Probably should not be sensitive to train horns at close distance.

Apply online at