Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Badger Varsity Football Lumbers To A Halt

Due to injuries and failing grades, the Buckholts varsity Badgers were only able to field seven players in Oglesby last Friday night. Four starters were absent from the lineup and two were nursing injuries.

After warm up drills, the boys suited up.

The Badgers looked good for most of the 1st quarter, but failed to score
any points and that period ended with Oglesby leading 20 - 0.

The 2nd quarter was less kind to Buckholts than the 1st. What was once
seven became six, then five and finally, with only 4 players left on the field
and no hope of the three game-injured Badgers returning to the game, Head
Coach James Shelton wisely surrendered the game. So the Badgers final game
of the 2019 season went into the books as a loss to Oglesby 34 - 0 in the 2nd
quarter with 6:18 left on the game clock.

Final game images here - - > >   Varsity Football in Oglesby 11-08-19