Sunday, December 2, 2018

Buckholts Abuzz

What would not draw much attention in Houston, and probably several New York City hand salutes, had Buckholts buzzing Saturday evening. Was it a rocket fuselage (correctly called the structure system)? Why did it require a police motorcycle escort?

Arriving in Buckholts just before sunset on US 190/TX 36 shy of FM 1915, being carried on two 18 wheeler flat bed trailers, this shiny cylinder pulled off the road. It took only a few minutes to draw local attention, as well as slow traffic.

Vehicles and pedestrians were dwarfed by the shiny beast. The contraption is a "concentrator", used to separated methane from carbon dioxide at natural gas plants. This rig was supported by 16 trailer axles. You do the math to figure out the weight.

The motorcycle officers and the transport team made sure the giant rig was safely off the highway. Sunset arriving, the transport was grounded for the night. One of the drivers said the rig left Houston just after sunrise Saturday morning and took all day to reach Buckholts. The destination for the concentrator was not revealed, but the driver said he had a long way to the terminus. 30 minutes after sunrise Sunday morning, the huge transport was underway bidding adieu to the curious in Buckholts.