Thursday, November 1, 2018

McDade Upends Buckholts

In what may be the biggest upset in Conference 1A Division 2 this football season, in the final seconds of the game, McDade came from behind to defeat Buckholts 66-65.

For much of the first half, the Badgers maintained a 3 touchdown lead. At halftime, it appeared Buckholts had McDade in check.

Apparently, McDade made some halftime adjustments and Buckholts didn't. The Badgers managed to hang on to the lead, but it was shrinking.

The third quarter ended with Buckholts leading 65-48. But, then McDade opened the fourth quarter with a touchdown to shrink the Badgers lead to 11 points. With 4:25 remaining in the last quarter, McDade scores again to pull within 5 points of the lead. 

In the final seconds of the game Buckholts was still leading 65-60. Buckholts had possession of the ball. On the last play of the game, the Badgers merely needed to take a knee, but a blitzing Bulldog defender broke through the Badger offensive and apparently startled the Badger QB who attempted a lateral pass which turned out to be an Easter Egg for McDade, The blitzing Bulldog defender snatched the lateral and ran it for a touchdown with the final buzzer fading. Final score: McDade 66, Buckholts 65. #@*% it! By one point.

Game images - - > >  HS Football v McDade 10-26-18

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