Thursday, October 25, 2018

The 2018 Mud Bowl

Last Friday night, October 19th,  at Kenjura Field in Brenham there were omens. The Buckholts Badgers were ready to square off with the Fayettte County Homeschool Panthers.

Omen #1: The trip to Brenham was a bit dicey due to rain inundated roads and creeks;
Omen #2: No concessions;
Omen #3: The officials were late;
Omen #4: No chain gang. Volunteers were drafted;
Omen #5: The chains were 10 yard markers. Had to wait for 15 yard markers;
Omen #6: The field was slick as ice and mired by drizzle; and,
Omen #7: Preparing for the initial kickoff, the Back Judge official slipped and fell on the field,
                 breaking his wrist.

Then it got wild and woolly. Both teams scored within the first minute of the game, with the Badgers leading 8 - 6.

Luis Torres (#23) clearing the path for Eric Salomon (#2).
With 3 minutes on the first quarter clock, Fayette County scored and briefly led 13 - 8, but one minute later, Buckholts retakes the the lead 14 - 13.

Luis Torres strolling into the end zone.
For the rest of the first half, the Panthers never scored, but the Badgers increased their lead to 35-13.

The Lopez brothers, Caleb (#9) and Chris (#6) go long to set up another Buckholts touchdown.

Toes in bounds, check. Knees off ground, check. Ball across plane, check. Eric Salomon scores.
With the Badgers leading 35-13, the Fayette County Panthers surrendered to Buckholts, ending the game.

Here's the link to game photos: - - > >  HS Football v Fayette County 10-19-18