Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Moving On To Regional Meet

Several Buckholts Junior High and High School Cross Country runners qualified for regional competition October 3rd at the District Track Meet in Moody, Texas.

Junior High girls qualifiers were:  Aubree Ralston, 1st place
                                                      Kassandra Benavides, 3rd place
                                                      Danielle Tatum, 6th place

Qualifying for Junior High boys:  Ivan Baez, 1st place
                                                       Fabian Baez, 7th place

The Junior High boys team, Ivan Baez, Fabian Baez, Eusebio Luciano, Kane Haley and R.J. Vega took 2nd place in the team division.

HS Junior Varsity girl runners were:  Victoria Tatum, 3rd place
                                                            Lorianna Greiner, 6th place

In the High School varsity division, both the boys and girls were 2nd place team winners, and both teams each had three individual Regional qualifiers.

Girls:  Whitney Evans (3rd place)                                       Boys:  Chris Lopez (3rd place)
           Marissa LaBrada (5th place)                                                Caleb Lopez (7th place)
           Elizabeth Trdy (10th place)                                                  Kenneth Shelton (9th place)
           Ashlynne Kessler                                                                  Michael Avila
           Gina Melendez                                                                      Zachary McGee
           Natalie Avila                                                                         Christian Kessler
           Mekayla Moore                                                                     Eric Soloman