Tuesday, September 4, 2018

From SOS to COS

For two years Buckholts ISD held SOS (Save Our School) public meetings. Saturday, 08-25-18, at the Buckholts Community Center, Buckholts ISD held its first COS (Celebrate Our School) public gathering to commemorate Buckholts' school having met State standards after years of failing to meet the mark.

The Buckholts School Board provided hot dogs and trimmings for all attendees and school staff and community volunteers provided chips and desserts. Master hot dog chef David Meinardus grilled the wieners over pecan wood, which were a culinary hit with the crowd.

Buckholts' State Board of Education Representative Tom Maynard attended the celebration and addressed the crowd.

Rep. Maynard congratulated Buckholts ISD on its success and stressed the importance of rural schools in Texas. More than a few persons at TEA didn't think Buckholts ISD could meet standards, especially so quickly, but TEA Commissioner Mike Morath gave Buckholts ISD an extended opportunity, under Superintendent Nancy Sandlin. Commissioner Morath, a very recent father of twins and unable to attend the celebration, conveyed his congratulations through Rep. Maynard.

SBOE Representative Maynard and Milam County State Representative Terry Wilson were instrumental in Buckholts ISD's extended time granted by TEA. Executive Director Michael Holland, his staff and provisions provided by Educational Service Center 6 (ESC6) the last two years, were paramount in Buckholts' schools success.

After gobbling hot dog and varied desserts, the crowd was treated to a street dance with DJ Johnny at the helm.

Line dances were crowd favorites.

Congratulations to the staff, students and parents of Buckholts ISD. Keep it up!


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