Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Buckholts Schools Make The Grade


Buckholts schools met standards for the 2017-18 school year! TEA this morning released the accountability ratings for all Texas public schools on a new TEA website

Here is a clip from the Buckholts ISD report card. (Red arrow added for emphasis.)

Buckholts schools had been poorly managed and failing in years past, so in 2016 the school board hired Superintendent Nancy Sandlin to get the schools into passing territory. Usually it takes about five years to turn a school and community culture around. Mrs. Sandlin hoped to turn around the local schools in three years. Well guess what.......  (long dramatic pause) ..............................

                Mrs. Sandlin, her principals, teachers and staff did it in TWO years! 
That's right! The staff, the teachers, the volunteers, the supporters and the STUDENTS did it! Buckholts is no longer a failing school. Buckholts meet the required standards for public K-12 schools in Texas.

The kids at Buckholts schools have proven they can overcome past years of educational neglect and have the right stuff to succeed. It's time for all whining and complaining to stop. This is NOT the time for the community to hold and stand fast. It is time the community advances so that C+ becomes a B+ and then an A+.  (But, it is time to party!)

Congratulations to the Buckholts community, parents, students and school staff. This is a BIG deal and calls for a celebration, so stay tuned.