Monday, January 8, 2018

Quitting To Catch Up

Sometimes you have to quit to catch up. Huh?

Well, after some 18 months of wrangling with CenturyLink over outages and slow internet, I quit them. I'm sure CenturyLink takes care of it's customers in metropolitan areas, but in small communities like Buckholts, it appears Centurylink doesn't care. So, I switched my ISP to wireless AT&T. I now get consistent service and reasonable internet speeds. Other people in our area have switched to the new HughesNet satellite system and report satisfaction. But, I can't afford HughesNet and don't want another long term contract. Note: I have no sponsor affiliation with any of the these three ISPs.

Now, having reliable internet, I am catching up on this blog. Please bear with me as I reload months of photos.

Here are Volleyball and team photos from last August.

HS Volleyball v Chilton 08-08-17

HS Volleyball v Evant 08-14-17

2017 Fall Team Photos

HS Volleyball v Oglesby 08-29-17

JH Volleyball v Bartlett 08-31-17