Sunday, June 11, 2017

Back On/In The Ethersphere

Back to posting after the great CENTURYLINK fail.

Our area's only DSL internet provider, CenturyLink, began failing in May and totally crashed the first weekend in June, during our most commercial weekend - the Cotton Festival. There are approximately 85 CenturyLink internet connections in our area (basically the area covered by Buckholts School District). In May customers began seeing slow downs and frequent failures of service. According to a CenturyLink rep, the two internet servers for our area were "overloaded and beyond capacity". So, if CenturyLink was aware of the problem why did they wait until the system crashed to fix it? And, don't worry, CenturyLink will "credit" your next bill for the "inconvenience".

INCONVENIENCE? Tell that to the local businesses that lost no telling how much money during the Cotton Festival because they relied on CenturyLink to power their cash registers, fuel pumps, ATM machines, bank transactions, etc. Not to mention mobile vendors who, in the past, relied on the CenturyLink internet connection at the Community Center for sales at the Cotton Festival.

INCONVENIENCE? NO! Total FAILURE on the part of CenturyLink. Not to mention false advertising about their so-called reliability. Sure, we're small potatoes contributing only about $8500.00 a month in subscriber fees. Just a drop in the the CenturyLink revenue bucket. Tells us a lot about the current state of big business.

This photo represents recent CenturyLink service. The ball is us, stuck. There are no local NBA stars or major collegiate players who can jump up and free the ball, persons CenturyLink would not want to anger or embarrass. So, we have to go to extraordinary measures to free the ball, or get a NEW ball. (I'm working on finding us a NEW ball.)

 Oh well, enough ranting, for now. Got to catch up with the news and photos.

Buckholts City Council has an interesting agenda for their meeting this Monday at 5:00 PM:

a. Discuss/Review/Approve – Police procedures concerning ATV, 4 Wheeler use
b. Discuss/Review/Approve – Police procedures concerning stray animals.


Gotta catch up on local sports images. Here are the last home Buckholts High School games.

Boys Battle Bartlett, 03-03-17:

Game photos here > >  Boys Basketball 02-30-17

Between games, BISD Senior basketball players were recognized and the Varsity Girls presented Coach C with a basketball signed by team members.

Megan Lopez, Katy Hubnik and Sam Munoz played their last game as a Buckholts Badgers.
Photos here > >  Basketball Recognition 2017

And Varsity girls had their final home game against Bartlett.

Game images here > >  Girls Basketball 02-03-17

Track, graduations, Prom & Cotton Festival photos being processed for upload. (IF CenturyLink stays up and running.)