Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Computer Died

My stalwart HP computer that I have used for photography the past six years has given up the ghost. It is beyond reasonable ($$$) repair. Something a computer tech hates to admit. BUT, my new computer should arrive March 1-3, ($2K+ which may require me mowing lawns and painting houses) and after setting it up (24-48 hours) which requires backups, transfers, etc. I will back in business. Then I can finish the end of basketball season and FFA Valentine's dance photos and get them online. Stay tuned and I will get caught up ASAP.

[Side Note] Buckholts ISD parents, teachers and students. TEA has NOT given us a pass, merely a reprieve,so that you CAN show that Buckholts schools can succeed. More than ever, the PARENTS, STUDENTS and community have to prove that Buckholts has what it takes to SUCCEED.  Can we do it? Damn right we can! Will it take extra work and study? YES! Are you worth it? YES! YES! YES! Can you do it? YES! YES YES!

Students, (and you know) if you need help in math, reading, English, biology, don't be stupid. ASK for help. If I hadn't asked for help, I would not know photography, music, journalism, computers, cooking, emergency rescue, law enforcement, security, safety, finish carpentry, roping and bronc riding. (Don't ask about bull riding. Total failure.)

It is not up to me. It is not up to the teachers. It IS up to PARENTS and STUDENTS.

I've been around a long time, in various communities. This community, it's inhabitants and students are worth the extra effort. YOU have what it takes. DON"T be lazy. Grab your future and run with it.