Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Buckholts ISD will hold 2nd S-O-S Meeting Wednesday at 6:00 PM in the Cafetorium.

TEA Commissioner Mike Morath, despite what was early indicated, has notified the School Board that the TEA intends to dissolve the local school district and annex our students into a yet-to-be-determined school district. That's double-talk for announcing the TEA is bent on shutting our schools.

YOU need to be at this meeting to inform the Board what you want done in response. This is a matter for the Board and our community.

This FRIDAY, Jan 20th, the School Board will meet in a Special Session at 6:00 PM, in the school library, to consider citizens' input from Wednesday night's S-O-S meeting.

Sorry for the short notice, but the clock is ticking on a formal response from the school board.

Editor's note: This sucks! School administration is on track, doing what they said they would do. Regular teachers and special short term teachers are TEACHING. Students are LEARNING.

Your kids are in a safe school with no thugs, no drugs. 

So, do we fight, or do we peacefully transfer the students to [ we don't know where, yet]?

Got another idea? YOU need to attend these meetings to politely advise your school board. 

This is NOT a time for personal or petty grievances. This is NOT a time howling about the good old days. This IS the time for our school community stakeholders to advise the School Board how to proceed.

Not to pick on another school district in trouble, but I was told Marlin ISD is in their 6th (sixth!) year of IR rating and the TEA has put that district under conservatorship and Marlin schools are still open. Buckholts ISD, with a new school board, superintendent and principal, is doing everything they can getting the mess straightened up left by the previous superintendent, yet TEA wants to shut us down. Doesn't pass the smell test.

Maybe Buckholts is just an easy target for the TEA.