Monday, November 7, 2016

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· · · – – – · · · (SOS) is the international Morse code distress signal adopted world wide in the early 1900's.

Nowadays, in Buckholts, it stands for

Save Our School 

Buckholts ISD is rated IR (improvement required) and in danger of being closed down by the TEA (Texas Education Agency). The school board, this school year, brought on board a new superintendent skilled in rejuvenating schools. New teachers were hired. An improved technology plan is in place. Tutorials are required for students with low grades. Staff and teachers have been working overtime preparing students for EOC and state testing. BUT, that is NOT enough.

Students, parents, and the community MUST commit to the local learning process. Teachers staying late and kids in tutorials are NOT enough if parents don't encourage their children to be on time, be polite, help each other AND do homework. All the technology in the world is NOT enough if the community does not invest time to encourage our teachers and students to succeed.

This is NOT a case of "bad" kids or low achievers. FAR from it. From what I've seen, BISD students are very capable learners and want to flourish. Our students need to know each other and YOU care about their education. 

Aside from all the test taking and ratings, a High School diploma is very important because it makes you EMPLOYABLE. Ever see all those job postings declaring "high school diploma required"? That requirement is a legal means for employers to disregard you as a job candidate, up front, before you even get a foot in the door. 

Having your local school system shut down by TEA is not a good thing. You wind up with abandoned buildings, loss of jobs, increased costs to parents AND ALL the school's money and assests are transferred to another school district. And you don't get to say jack about it because your local school board will be dissolved!

Back to the IR thing. It didn't happen overnight. BISD (I think) is in it's fourth year of IR status. Not good, but repairable, IF YOU care. Here's a chance for you to have a positive impact on your school system.

SOS - Save Our School Planning meeting on Wednesday, November 9th, 5:30 - 7:30 PM in the Elementary Library.

No excuses, YOU need to attend the meeting.