Sunday, October 23, 2016

Epic Grid Iron Action in Prairie Lea 10-21-16

The varsity Badgers football team traveled to Prairie Lea to take on the Indians in what was predicted as a walk-in-the-park for Prairie Lea. Well, our boys had a different notion. The game was a barn burner to the final buzzer.

Buckholts started with their running game, but after falling behind two touchdowns, Coach Rinderknecht switched the Badgers to their aerial assault. Buckholts began scoring and the two teams traded touchdowns at a brisk pace. The Badgers couldn't erase their early deficit, with Prairie Lea posting the win 102 - 81 ! (No typo, that was the final score.)

Had it not been for injuries side-lining some of our guys, the outcome might have been in Buckholts' favor. Yes, one of our players had to go to the ER. I can't name him here, but he is okay with a mild concussion.

Near the end of the game, I was on the home side of the field. Several Prairie Lea spectators spoke to me, complementing the Badgers:

     "D*@#, y'all's boys came to play!"
     "This ain't the washout it was supposed to be."
     "We had no idea Buckholts could play like that."

With a pass from Luke Trevino, Eric Salomon evades Indian defenders and runs long, setting up a touch down.

Jason Duran fights off a Prairie Lea defender and pulls in another Luke Trevino pass, in the end zone for the Badgers 3rd TD of the game

I don't jeer the officials and don't feel I'm in any position to critique them. Field officials are human and entitled as such. They are poorly paid. But, look at the next two photos and tell me Eric stepped out of bounds before the 15 yard stick. The official in the photos called him outside the line BEFORE the last lollipop. That was a crucial 4th down play for the Badgers and a bad call that stunned the coaches and the players. No excuses, no hard feelings, just an observation . . .

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