Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Drug Dog finds NO Illicit Drugs on Campus! Fall Festival This Evening!

Yep! There was a drug dog checking the Buckholts' school campuses yesterday (10/25/16) and NO there were NO drugs found on the campus. Another case of rumors-gone-array.

Because of a rumor perpetuated by a small handful of students, the Superintendent and the Principal enlitsted Rogers Police Department to bring a drug dog to BISD to check for illegal drugs.
THANKS to Rogers' Police Department. Their drug dog officer was on his day off, but came to BISD as a favor. (Thanks to Police Chief Newsom and Sheriff Green for their influence and SPECIAL thanks to Rogers Police!)

REPEAT, no drugs indicated on BISD campuses.

Buckholts ISD, which includes ALL of our community, has a full  plate satisfying TEA to keep  the Buckholts schools open. The school board, administration and teachers are working overtime plus, to  make the local school system work and KEEP JOBS in Buckholts.

As a result of an ignorant rumor, BISD officials had to take time from education to  make sure all was on the up-and-up. Again, another disruption based on students rumors. AGAIN, your school administration reacted properly and in proportion.

If you, and your children, don't care enough to stop this nonsense, or if you parents don't care enough to support your community, your local school system and your own children, LEAVE Buckholts! Transfer your kids to Cameron or Temple or where-ever. Help them enroll in gangs. Deprive them of a future. Make them an inept ward of our Federal government unable to function without receiving Federal freebies.

Hands-on, I estimate 98% of Buckholts School kids want to do the right thing. They want to learn. They WANT to represent their school and community. Buckholts, HELP THEM!

The other 2%, do everything in your personal power to dissuade them and encourage them to move to Washington, D.O. (District of Oz, no more Columbia).

This rant is opinion based on years of  experience.

Orange and Black, do not lack. Otherwise, move on!


Fall Festival at BISD starting at 5:00 PM this evening. Come out, come on and support your community and school this evening! Let's have some fun !!!!! 

Bring in-date canned goods to the Lion's Club at the stadium for FREE tickets!

I'll be there, camera in tow!