Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Buckholts ISD on brief lockdown

About 10:50 AM, Acting Principal Kyle Renderknecht ordered a lockdown on the  BISD campus due to information/threat received by a student via social media. After quick action by Coach Rinderknecht, campus staff and Milam County S.O., the threat was determined unfounded, thankfully before lunch periods began.

While I CANNOT reveal specifics, this was a situation where student(s) in another area school perpetuated a false rumor via text and social media.

BISD was due for a a lock down drill, so on the positive side, drill accomplished.

With my background in Law Enforcement and Industrial Security, and the fact I was on campus working on computer stuff, I can report it was a pain in the a$$, but all went well!  No panic, no nonsense, staff and students were orderly and did what they were supposed to do.

The take-away from my standpoint?

1. Ban cellphones at school, or strictly limit their use.
2. TEA pay attention, BISD gets an A+++ on this "drill"
3. Parents - your school system reacted properly
4. IF you're stupid enough to refer to or wear a clown mask as a miscreant, YOU DESERVE YOUR 
5. I have no time/inclination for "political correctness"
6. Go Badgers! Go Buckholts! MAKE US PROUD! We're here!!!!!