Friday, August 16, 2019

Buckholts Schools Earn an "A" Rating

It's official! Buckholts ISD earns all "A's" from TEA.

The Texas Education Agency has released it's accountability and financial scores for all schools statewide. Buckholts ISD received an accountability rating of "A" and an "A" in finance. What's more, Buckholts ISD was the only school system in Milam County to get the "A" rating. And more,
Buckholts schools went from a F to an A in only three years! That's unheard of.

Want more? Buckholts ISD will now be a District of Innovation! 

When Superintendent Nancy Sandlin took the reins three years ago, our local school district was in bad shape and the TEA was threatening to close our schools. Mrs. Sandlin doggedly took to the task of turning the school system around. With the support of the school board she made drastic changes in staff, teachers and operations. Parents, students and the community got on board and the train groaned into action. And, now, the train has a full head of steam. (Sorry, I just couldn't pass up the train allegory.)

A long time ago I wrote about how good the students and community were here in Buckholts. Turns out I was right. The proof is in the recently recevied "A" ratings.

Sure, there's still work to do and facilities need maintenance and there are always things needing upgrade. But Buckholts' students have proven they have what it takes to succeed.

To the Board of Trustees, the administrators, the staff, the volunteers, the donors, ESC Region 6 administrators and staff, the parents, the STUDENTS and the tireless TEACHERS who put in 12 hours plus every day, CONGRATULATIONS!  YOU did it!

Now I propose a new motto be posted at Buckholts schools: "No slackers on this campus."

Thursday, June 13, 2019

32nd Annual Buckholts Cotton Festival

Buckholts kicks off summer every year with the annual Cotton Festival and B-B-Q Cook-Off. This year was the 32nd CottonFest with the downtown parade, vendors, a carnival and lots of food and ice cream.

The carnival opened Friday night!
On Saturday, the festivities began with the parade and continued with a silent auction, volleyball, horse shoes and washers, while the BBQ cooks smoked their wares. There was live music and many street vendors.

Master of Ceremonies Richard Crowe
lining things up to kick off the parade.

Mr. and Mrs. Peeler led this year's parade.

After the parade, the Praha Brothers entertained the crowd.

The washer pitching cranked up along with horse shoes.

While not the same as doughnuts, judging the BBQ can be
quite filling.

The MAD Band returned to the stage this year for the second
half of the afternoon entertainment.
Then, after raffle winners were announced, it was time for the cook-off awards, presented by the Budweiser Girls.

Cameron's John Anderle won 1st AND 2nd place in the
Margarita division. Hmmmm. (Probably should be investigated
by the Constable's Office

Buckholts' philanthropic chef, Jeff Kuzel of the Sippin-n-Flippin
team took first prize in the Chicken category.

And the Overall Winner was Michael Galvan of the Naw "da" Bone
team from Belton.

Here's the lists of all of the winners at this year's Cotton Festival Cook-Off
(click list to enlarge)

After the awards were presented, fans favorite Justin Cole took
the stage to finish out the evening entertainment.

And then, it was over. Waiting to turn off the lights, Buckholts'
philosophical grill master Leslie Lorenz shouldn't look so sad.
 After all, he won 4th place in the Brisket group!

Friday night photos here  - - > >  CottonFest 2019 Friday Night

Saturday images here  - - > >   CottonFest Saturday 2019

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Buckholts ISD Community Awards 2019

Friday, May 31st, was a very busy day in Buckholts. High School graduation was scheduled for for the evening and the 32nd annual Cotton Festival was kicking off. Despite the clamor and last minute shenanigans, Buckholts' school system held its annual Community Awards luncheon at noon.

Gathered community members enjoyed the provided lunch.

Everyone thought the food was good,

except for this guy.

After lunch, Superintendent Nancy Sandlin recognized community and regional persons, plus some dubious characters for their service and contributions to Buckholts ISD this past school year.

Superintendent Sandlin presenting a Pastor Johnny Kueker
with a Certificate of Appreciation for his support and work
with the school this past year.

Community Awards photos here - - > >   BISD Community Awards 2019

Buckholts High School Graduation 2019

18 Seniors graduated in ceremony Friday night, May 31st, in Buckholts Stadium, before family and friends.

Front row (L-R): Jacqueline Campos, Isabel Reyes, Hailey Cazares, Mikayla Benavidez,
 Valedictorian Marissa Labrada, Salutatorian Chris Lopez, Meykala Moore, Catalina Rozsa
 and Yvonne Pierluisses. On the back row (L-R), Zachary Magee, Mario Narvaez, Dustin Hafley, 
Gabriel Owens, Christian Kessler, Brandon Strals, Caleb Lopez, Victor Baez and Eric Salomon.
It wasn't only parents jumping for joy.

Practicing for the washer pitching and horse shoe competition at the annual
 Buckholts Cotton Festival the next day, graduates toss their mortarboards.

BHS graduation photos - - > >  Buckholts HS Graduation 2019

Friday, May 31, 2019

Buckholts 8th Graders Promoted To HS Freshmen

Thursday evening, Buckholts Junior High held a graduation ceremony for eight students who will enter High School in the next school year.

Graduating from Junior High, front row (L-R) were Eusebio Castillo-Luciano, Fabian Baez, Ivan Baez, Kassandra Benavidez and back row (L-R) Sallie J. Wiggins, Reynaldo J. Vega, Aubree L. Ralston and Elizabeth J. Pratt.

JH Graduation photos here - - > >   Buckholts JH Graduation 2019

BISD Student Awards 2019

Buckholts ISD held an all schools award ceremony Thursday, May 30th. Teachers presented achievement and recognition certificates for Pre-K through High School.

The show kicked off with Pre-Kindergarten awards.
The ceremony ended on a somber note with the High School awards.
Awards photos here - - > >   BISD Student Awards 2019

Thursday, May 30, 2019

BISD May Fete 2019

Buckholts schools held their annual May Fete celebration honoring this year's High School graduates, Thursday May 23, in the Buckholts Cafetorium. Kicking off the celebration was Milam County Judge Steve Young.

Steve Young (center), Milam County Judge, present Juniors
Kenneth Shelton & Elizabeth Trdy with scholarship checks
for their 2nd place win in the inaugural Milam County HS
Moot Court competition held in April. The Moot Court
competition was implemented by Judge Young. 
After Judge Young's presentation, the Elementary School Dukes and Duchesses Court was presented.

Kimberlee Owen & Jimmy Hernandez were crowned May Fete
Queen & King for 2019.

After the King & Queen were crowned and the Court recessed, a
dance contest between the elementary and middle schools ensued.

May Fete photos here - - > >  BISD May Fete 2019